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Blue Care Data provides marketing, sales, recruitment, research, analytics & compliance solutions to leaders in virtually every healthcare vertical including pharmaceutical/biotechnology, healthcare agencies, market research, medical device, medical publishing, CME, recruitment, insurance, EMS/PMS,
directory services & diagnostic.

Direct Mail List

Reduce your campaign costs with the most accurate Medical Mailing List available. We update, NCOA and phone verify regularly.

Email List

Reduce your campaign costs with the most accurate Medical Mailing List available. We update, NCOA and phone verify regularly.

Data Hygiene & Appends

Stop neglecting incorrect, incomplete & inaccurate data that is costing you thousands in undeliverable & missed opportunities

Custom Marketing Insights



In the consumer-led era the only way to garner results is with precision targeted campaigns focused towards your core customer personas, and custom data has the power to boost your campaign efficiency for up to 60X. With 55+ intelligence fields custom-built to match your niche requirements, be rest assured of your multi-channel campaign efficiency.



Our focus is to maximise customer communications with the most impeccable data there is. We understand how crucial it is to cover every industry, as data remains the foundation to build your communication regardless of the nature of the business. 500+ industries and the number is growing by the day.

Healthcare Data Platform



The healthcare industry is $10 Trillion and the number is on the rise rapidly. Lead with the industry leader, connect with top decision makers and healthcare profiles segmented as per the niche specialities that can have a direct impact on your results. Blue Care Data’s healthcare platform is the first choice of result-focused healthcare giants globally.

We understand the challenges of healthcare marketers like none in the industry. To efficiently address the mounting competition, dipping revenue & irrelevant leads, we can help you with the most accurate & verified healthcare data, served on an easy to access platform built to ensure you convert every single opportunity and grow your results 100% with measurable returns.
Data Enrichment



Unlike the industry standards of data updates every 90 days, we update our data repository every 30 days. We enrich data for relevance and accuracy to ensure the data you receive is beyond impeccable. Revive your data for results, it’s the quality that matters ultimately not the quantity.



With utmost data accuracy and relevance, our data offers 88% deliverability. Reach the right inbox every single time; channelize your campaign efforts to make the most of your business performance. The right customer data is the only way to reach your high value prospects.

Data Resellers



Be a Data Reseller with Blue Care Data. Access 300+ Million records and win your target audience like a pro. Our global B2B contact repository is the largest and most accurate you will find across the industry. Make the most of this opportunity, we are here to back your growth with the most impeccable data there is.


If you’re looking at ways to grow your additional revenue stream, Blue Care Data’s reseller partnerships are best in store for you. Upto $100K in a month is what you can make, if you capitalise on this opportunity. Thrive as a leading source for global B2B contact data. Win your customers with data has the power to transform businesses with measurable returns.